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RAMDisk can convert part of your RAM into a virtual drive
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RAMDisk can speed up the performance of various applications by creating a virtual RAM drive. If you are wondering what the whole RAM drive thing is about, let me explain to you that it works by taking part of your system’s RAM memory and making it look as another disk drive. Since accessing data from your RAM is much faster than from your disks, whatever information you store on this virtual drive will be accessible almost instantly.

The application is very easy to use. It only requires setting the virtual RAM drive once because the program can be configured to start along with the system. This way, the only sign of the program’s activity is the additional drive letter, which can be used as any standard location. According to your RAM’s capacity, the program allows setting a disk size as well as choosing the type of disk format to use (FAT16, FAT32 or unformatted partition). Moreover, by creating a disk image you can also ensure that the virtual drive’s contents are not deleted when the system is shut down or re-started. Thus, these data will be automatically saved when exiting the system, or otherwise, loaded during startup. On the contrary, some users might prefer that all the information stored on the RAM drive is completely wiped out in order to preserve their privacy.

In general, RAMDisk is a simple solution for speeding up some types of applications. For instance, it can optimize media editing, web surfing, software compilations, etc. Unfortunately, you can create only one RAM drive per system.

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  • It is easy to use.
  • It can speed up the access to certain types of data


  • You can create only one RAM drive per system
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